Family Life Academy Charter School MS



FLACS Middle School has been developing a formidable athletic program, expanding each year to provide more opportunities for our scholars. The lessons a child learns from participating in team sports are beyond valuable. Our scholars learn how to build camaraderie through teamwork, develop discipline with practice, and enhance their morals by displaying good sportsmanship. These are just some of the instrumental life skills our scholars acquire by participating in organized team sports. We find that participating in team sports not only motivates our scholars to work harder but it also encourages them to develop time management skills. Equally important is the physical activity provided through sports, further supporting our mission of health and wellness here at FLACS.

The girls’ volleyball team starts off the school year, we also have a boys’ basketball team set to take the court in mid-January as well as a co-ed soccer team looking forward to defending their title as Champions this upcoming season.

Keep checking back with us for more details on our other sports teams as the year progresses. For now, we encourage staff, parents and friends to watch us play!