Family Life Academy Charter School MS


Middle School Campus expected completion for Fall 2019

Meet Chef Bennett

Chef Bennett is thrilled to be the new Executive Chef of FLACS and looks forward everyday to cooking for all the children. The lunch program focuses on the importance of a well balanced diet and conveying that message to students.

Chef Bennett brings a global cooking style to FLACS including Cuban, Mexican and Asian cuisine. Above all else, meals will be prepared with fresh ingredients cultivated in NYS and cooked directly in FLACS’ own kitchen. Chef Bennett looks forward to meeting all the children and making lunch an exciting and educational experience.

After graduation from Binghamton University in 2002, Chef Bennett traveled to South Korea where he lived for one year as an English language teacher to Korean children. During this time, he was able to travel extensively around the region including Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. His exposure to all these new cultures and cuisines is what lead him to pursue a culinary career when he returned to the Unites States.

Beginning in 2003, he enrolled himself in the French Culinary Institute (FCI) and worked at various restaurants. After graduation from the FCI in 2006, he went to work with Chef Bobo serving healthy lunches at the Calhoun School, a private K-12th grade school in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

In his three and a half years working with Chef Bobo, Chef Bennett learned the importance and benefits of serving fresh, healthy and delicious food to children. As a result of his time spent at Calhoun, Chef Bennett was inspired to use both his classical training from the FCI and his hands-on experience and expertise acquired at the Calhoun School to create a healthy lunch program in a NYC public school.